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Where are the savings?

Many business owners are unaware of the exact cost involved in buying, replacing and managing their cotton towels.


You or your staff are spending valuable time dealing with towels, rather than dealing with the core issues of your business.

Capital Expenditure

How much money have you spent over the years on washers, dryers or even replacing the towels used in your business? Most people don't even know the answer to this question. If you could reduce the wear and tear on your appliances, they will last longer. A washer or dryer is not an investment - it is a capital expense. Many hair salon owners have benefited from doing away with washing and drying in the salon all together, and the feedback is clear - Most businesses who make the change to single use towels would never go back to buying, replacing, washing, drying and folding towels again.


Power, water, cleaning chemicals, floorspace, wages and replacing towels - all of these can be reduced when you swap to eco friendly single use towels. We challenge you to add up these costs for your own business over a month to see just how much you currently pay to manage your towels. Even if you don't want to count the staff time and wages you are paying (which really should be counted) you will see there is a significant amount of money being spent on your towels.

Why not try Envirodry Towels for a month and see how much easier it is for your business?

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