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Frequently Asked Questions

what are the towels made from?

100% Viscose material comes from plant fibres. These are sourced from renewable timber supplies - spruce and pine are commonly used. The material is treated and washed. We do not use a polyester blend in any of our towels.


can they be thrown away safely?

Yes! The towels will decompose in ideal conditions in about 3 months. They can also be disposed of in compost. The towels can also be recycled and used again for other applications such as cleaning (mechanics love these towels as they work great for cleaning up workshop mess). Our towels can be washed and dried like any towel a number of times, but will shrink quite a bit. Once washed they make great glass cleaners.


what is the cost?

See the products page for pricing. You will save money when you buy a carton of 600 towels, but if you want a small package, they come in a sealed bag of 50 towels. Talk to us about bulk prices if you are wanting to re-sell the towels.


why buy from Envirodry Towels?

As mentioned, we only supply 100% viscose towels. If you have tried this type of towel before, be aware that not all suppliers provide 100% viscose. A polyester blend towel does not dry as well, and will not give the same performance as Envirodry Towels.


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