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Envirodry eco-friendly towels - the smart solution for users of traditional cotton towels

Envirodry towels are good for your business, and they also contribute significantly to reducing wasted water and power consumption in the process of constantly washing and drying cotton towels. Replacing and dealing with cotton towels is inefficient for your business. If you are washing your own towels with domestic washers it is unlikely they are fresh and hygienic enough to be used again on your clients, customers or patients. In medical practices, the shift toward single use products and instruments has been growing - and changing to single use style towels makes perfect sense to provide 100% fresh and hygienic towels.


Hair salons, beauty salons, gyms, massage services, cafés, restaurants and health practitioners can all benefit from a change to our eco-friendly Envirodry towels. Our towels are already improving the client experience for many of our customers. If you have not tried them yourself, simply contact us for a free sample and change the way you handle your towel resources.

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