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Envirodry Towels is up and going, and we hope you like our product.

Viscose material, made from plant fibre has been around for a long time now, and there are many different blends, textures and thicknesses. We spent time looking at many samples of product, and found the 100% viscose fabric to work the best for us, and we know our towels will work great for you.

We have a range of single use, eco friendly towels as a great alternative to using traditional cotton towels. Water, electricity, chemicals, time - it all adds up to way too much. Our towels will save you time, storage space, and money compared to the cost of laundering and replacing your towels.

Soft, absorbent, 100% biodegradable - a better and easier way to handle your towels. Trial some of our towels by calling 1300 738 385 and ask for a free sample.

If you are a makeup artist - your kit will look great when you cover your work area with one of our large white pearl texture towels. Keep everything clean and neat - no matter where you work. The large white towel seen here not only keeps your workspace clean - you can also clean your brushes on it, and simply throw it away when the job is done.

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